Analysis of fertilizer off take and industry

However, in view of shortage of gas in the Country and upcoming urea plants, further expansion and growth opportunities in production of urea by the company are limited. In Asia, rice is a big nitrogen-consuming crop.

Organic agriculture avoids synthetic agrochemicals. During the period, the industry gave benefit of Rs 28 billion to the farmers by maintaining local urea prices significantly lower than international prices.

Federal Board of Revenue, Economical Tax relaxation has been offered in order to attract new entrants andto reduce the dependence on imported fertilisers by enhancing the local production capacity. A massive subsidy of Rs.

John Bennet Lawesan English entrepreneurbegan to experiment on the effects of various manures on plants growing in pots inand a year or two later the experiments were extended to crops in the field.

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They typically provide 6 to 16 weeks of delayed release in turf applications. These highly water-soluble fertilizers are used in the plant nursery business and are available in larger packages at significantly less cost than retail quantities.

The company was incorporated in as a private limited company. Although sales of imported fertilizers were lower than last year, FFC ended the year by selling 2.

The company also imports nitrogen, phosphate and potash based fertilizers. In the succeeding year he enlisted the services of Joseph Henry Gilbertwith whom he carried on for more than half a century on experiments in raising crops at the Institute of Arable Crops Research.

Pakistan assistance strategy report, Threats The manufacturing costs pertaining to the fertiliser industry were impacted by inflationary factors, combined with escalations in the prices of feed and fuel gas The Dawn, Shortages of natural gas in the country can limit the opportunities for the company in future The Financial Daily, New competitors in the industry like Fatima Fertiliser Company can reduce the market share of FFCL The Nation, PEST analysis Political To fulfill local demand for fertilisers at affordable prices, the Government is providing subsidy on the production and import of fertilisers.

Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited was incorporated in as a private limited company. These emissions contribute to global climate change as methane is a potent greenhouse gas. China and India account for the highest shares of the Asia-Pacific fertilizer market.

The most common toxic elements in this type of fertilizer are mercury, lead, and arsenic. Economic survey of Pakistan, Having a strong financial position company can start production of the new product line. Zee News, Ban on the export of fertiliser is also imposed for the economic stability.


The government is going focus on the agriculture sector due to its major contribution towards GDP, and important issues like soil conservation, farm mechanisation, land reclamation and plant protection. Egyptians, Romans, Babylonians, and early Germans all are recorded as using minerals and or manure to enhance the productivity of their farms.

In Western Australia deficiencies of zinccopper, manganeseiron and molybdenum were identified as limiting the growth of broad-acre crops and pastures in the s and s.

Hence, we can see that in the overall profitability of FFC has gone up. Nitrogen also aids in proper plant growth, preventing stunted growth.Analysis of Fertilizer Off-Take and Industry Dynamics in Pakistan Words | 18 Pages.

CONCLUSION 10 REFERENCES 12 APPENDIX 13 Appendix I – Data on Fertilizer Off-take 13 Appendix II – Data on Fertilizer Prices 14 Appendix III – Limitations of Study 15 ANALYSIS OF FERTILIZER OFF-TAKE AND INDUSTRY DYNAMICS IN PAKISTAN.

An in depth PESTLE and SWOT analysis on FFCL (Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited), who produce, purchase and market fertilizer. is no longer accepting new orders.

The off-take is forecast to remain above industry capacity even after upcoming expansions due by mid Analysis of Fertilizer Off-Take and Industry Dynamics in Pakistan Essay Data on Fertilizer Off-take 13 Appendix II – Data on Fertilizer Prices 14 Appendix III – Limitations of Study 15 ANALYSIS OF FERTILIZER OFF-TAKE AND INDUSTRY DYNAMICS IN PAKISTAN Abstract: This study has been conducted to.

Fertilizer Industry With almost one-fourth of Pakistan’s GDP contributed by Despite weak agronomics and decline in global commodity prices, fertilizer off-take (consumption/ demand) in Pakistan increased in FY15 vis-à-vis the.

fertilizer trends and outlook to FAO World fertilizer trends and outlook to ISBN 97 8 FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION OF THE UNITED NATIONS - Rome, World fertilizer IFA International Fertilizer Industry Association.

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Analysis of fertilizer off take and industry
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