Breadtalk analysis essay

Wide Range of Target Market BreadTalk have a wide range of target market as everyone from young to old eats bread. Due to natural disaster, prices of the ingredients will increase.

BreadTalk has 37 retail outlets in Singapore. They are profitable, however they are not loyal. By looking at their wearing, I can see they are from the middle-income group. Most importantly, it carved up a strong reputation and prevents brand fatigue and creates a sense of freshness.

Conclusions Through this project, by applying the marketing concept I have learnt in the class, I have a better understanding of marketing in business enterprise.

By this way, BreadTalk can still sell their Pork Floss Bun in their existing shop, and having another shop to cater to Muslim needs. Opportunities Nature of Products Bread is a commodity and a staple in many countries.

Market Strategy BreadTalk uses product concept to market their product out to public.

Swot Analysis of Breadtalk

Depending on the size of the retail outlet, each retail outlet offers about 40 to 60 different items daily. With a global staff strength of 7, employees, the Group has a network of over bakery outlets in 16 territories such as Singapore, China, Hong Kong and the Middle East.

Strong partnership network in Asia — http: BreadTalk will have to compete will others company Inflation Due to inflation, prices of ingredients increase.

BreadTalk consistently offer customers with quality and interesting and creative products to capture customers. Therefore, BreadTalk have to consistently come out with new product with the best quality to attract customers.

Excluding gain from disposal of property inoperating pro? With the strong relationship management and professional expertise in the local, it has help BreadTalk to successfully expand their business in 16 different countries.

I went down to BreadTalk at different timing of the day morning, lunch time, tea-time, evening and closing time to observe the customers. These rivals offer very similar products and are priced at around the same.

Breadtalk Analysis Essay

They also have Teochew traditional pastries for Teochew customers. Information obtain at BreadTalk Business Review [ 15 ].

Example, alternative supplier for the ingredients. Experienced Management Team Breadtalk is headed by George Quek, who has 20 years of experience in the food and beverage industry. With their constantly effort in developing new products, BreadTalk is able to distinguish themselves from the public.

By this way, I will create Breadtalk analysis essay customer base and increase demand of BreadTalk products.The other weakness that Breadtalk learnt of from the swot analysis was the fact that the firm’s competitor offer different products and services.

In this case, the competitors have always been a step ahead of the firm. BreadTalk Raw Beta is computed using the regression analysis based on market portfolio of STI and BreadTalk’s monthly realized returns for the period of September to August Based on the data collected, the concept of Holding Period Yield (HPY) is applied based on annualized calculation in order to find out how much yield can obtain.

Free Essay: SWOT analysis on Breadtalk Strengths Unique Concept and Branding The Breadtalk concept is unique and innovative and this distinguishes the brand. For the purpose of analysis, BreadTalk Group's extensive franchise network internationally shall be regarded as a form of geographical diversification.

BreadTalk Group utilizes related diversification as a mean to achieve economies of scope and increased market power, through the following factors. Swot Analysis of Breadtalk Group Limited Essay SWOT Analysis of BreadTalk Group Limited 1 Purpose Our brief analysis of BreadTalk Group Limited addresses the overview of their market position strengths, recognizing their weaknesses, possible opportunities and potential future threats.

We will write a custom essay sample on Breadtalk or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Background of the Company BreadTalk Group was founded in Singapore in April and listed on the SGX in It is founded by George Quek (Chairman) and his wife, Katherine Lee (Deputy [ ].

Breadtalk analysis essay
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