Domtar paper mill

Building of non-residential structures is now in progress on part of the land. Inthe latter three units were consolidated into a single pulp and paper group.

Burt, Boulton retained the majority of shares in the company but took on Senator John S. Acquisitions and rationalizations[ edit ] Throughout the s, Domtar began to re-evaluate its non-paper businesses as it continued to expand.

Inthe company divested itself of the Arborite Products and Salt divisions, and exited the consumer products business to turn to manufacturing commodities for conversion or packaging prior to sale. Creation of Domtar paper mill edit ] InDominion Tar entered into a merger with several other companies: In DecemberDomtar and Cascades Inc.

Operations were still based on coal tar, salt, and construction materials. In Septemberover public opposition and in spite of MOE reports indicating off-site leachate impact from the dump and the likelihood of runoff to the St. Howard Smith Paper involving those shareholders who had not yet sold out to Dominion Tar ,[ citation needed ] St.

The dump which is officially named, the "Big Ben Landfill And Recreation Area", currently receives demolition waste and asbestos from the decommissioned paper mill. It was then listed on the Montreal and Toronto stock exchanges. In the early s, Domtar withdrew from its manufacturing activities abroad and closed its U.

Many properties adjacent to the site were excavated to remove contaminated earth. Domtar operated a paper mill in Toronto from to late s and is now site of Crothers Woods. In response, Domtar began selling dewatered mill waste to Cornwall and area residents labeled as "Soil Conditioner".

The facility has been dismantled, and a residential development was created adjacent to the site in the early s. By the following year, it had unlisted trading privileges on the American Stock Exchange.

Several plants were closed — some temporarily, others permanently. Incorporation in Canada[ edit ] Throughout the first quarter of the twentieth century, Dominion Tar opened offices in Toronto, Halifax, Vancouver, and Calgary.

In the coal-intensive environment of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, there was an ever-increasing source of coal tar, and a demand for treated wood.

Limited site in Cornwall. The problem was exacerbated when new waste water regulations required the Cornwall mill to also remove lignin and starch—formerly discharged into the St. In addition, the newly formed Domtar was reorganized into several operating divisions: Part of the dump was sodded over while dumping continued, and Domtar funded a "bunny" ski hill there, known as "Big Ben".

Its first plant was located in Cape BretonNova Scotia. Domtar conducted little or no clean up of the site. Domtar still maintains control of the adjacent dump which is the source [21] of a leachate plume polluting ground water between it and the St. The latest of several clean-up operations is attempting to prevent the underground migration of the main contaminant plume.

It also enabled customers to check on inventory, place orders, and track orders in transit via truck-mounted GPS units.

Domtar Paper Mill

Domtar also launched several joint ventures to increase its lumber operations and to supply more wood to its newsprint mill in Dolbeau, Quebec. InDominion Tar and Chemical Company Ltd was formed as a Canadian corporation in order to acquire the assets of the former company, and shortly thereafter offered its shares for public sale.

Inthe company obtained two major contracts.Domtar designs, manufactures, markets and distributes a wide variety of pulp, paper and personal care products. Buy Domtar paper products in packs or in bulk at The Paper Mill Store.

Save money with rewards & discounts with free shipping available. Domtar operated a paper mill in Cornwall until The original mill was built by the Toronto Manufacturing Company in and purchased by Howard Smith Paper Mills in [citation needed] In the early s, Domtar persuaded the City of Cornwall to permit the dumping of its paper mill waste (sludge, bark and lime dregs) behind a.

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Domtar paper mill
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