Essay on importance of electronic media

They get news and paint them as per their own personal leanings and beliefs. The on September 15,Doordarshan was inaugurated in India. Similar movements are happening in North Korea and all over the world.

In these days of awareness, even the remotest of villages of India get at least one daily newspaper in their local language. It has severed all homely conversations around the hearth. It would be good if the media restricts itself only to passing On correct and exact information only, without any comments for or against any political party it would be doing its job correctly and sincerely.

Now man has entered the age of science and technology. On the other hand it gives extensive options in selecting the desired product. Where, electronic media is a great source of information, communication and entertainment, it also produces some harmful effects which become responsible to destroy the moral values.

It helps students to keep in touch with their teachers and ask about the difficulties in the courses while sitting at home. Different types of tricks are employed to attract and attend the valuable customers.

Students can give online presentations; submit assignments to a common page, receive feedback from teachers while being sick at home etc. Political masters should be only heard and not followed by a media which is good and impartial.

What Is the Importance of Electronic Media?

The movie channels on satellite transmission and cable TV Network channels provide movies and dramas with full of glamour, fashion and sex motivating scenes which causes to damage the peaceful life.

It helps to give information about different cultures, social and political systems of the different parts of the world. The various news channels keep the vigilant citizens updated.

I personally feel that, the media is at times overstepping its limits and to some extent misusing its freedom. We are living in the era of electronic media. If the state had secrets that it did not want the public to know, it could stop newspapers and magazines from printing, and it could literally destroy the media so that it was not able to be read.

The impact and influence of electronic media, satellite dish and cable transmission can be described as following. The have got a tremendous achievement in many field as well as Electronic Media.

Essay on the Role of Electronic Media in India

Essay on the Role of Electronic Media in India Article shared by Nowadays, another very popular means of social interaction and propagation that has emerged along with the print Media is the rise of Electronic Media.

It also provides information about new discoveries. We get a sea of knowledge and all the information, relaxing at home. It produces Its direct effect on common people. In the modern world of quick communication and quick information, media plays a very crucial role.

In fact, in some way or the other television now-a-days dictates our life. In movies, the violence containing scenes produce great effect on young people, they also try to react like that they had been seen in the movies.

Sometimes an innocent client is really confused in making the decision. The electronic media in form of satellite transmission, Internet, cable net, dish and cable network has many useful effects.

Essay on the Role of Media in the Modern World

So clearly so closely? The job of the media should remain restricted only to reporting facts as to when and how they occur, and leave the readers to form their own opinions. Channels like Discovery and national Geographic keep the inquisitive mind busy and satisfy every intellectual query of a probing mind.

This is the position of the media because of the obvious political leanings and influences, and this I daresay should not be allowed to grow. As students use Facebook nowadays, so teachers have come up with this idea of making a common page for all the students to share the updates regarding any changes in class schedule, dates due for assignment submission and quizzes, etc.

Electronic media is the great source of knowledge about geographical facts of the world. People wondered and were over-joyed with this great invention. If used judiciously, the electronic media can prove to be very useful, educationally as well as socially, political and economically.In this essay we will discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of internet for university student.

There are some advantages of internet for university student. Communication is one of the advantages of internet. We know that education has been dependant largely on the print and electronic media for quite some time, but those media are expensive due to lesser availability, on the other hand, social media is inexpensive and easily available.

Jul 01,  · The Impact of Electronic Media in our Society English Essay on "The Impact of Electronic Media in our Society" A network of electric devices which I used to inform, motivate and entertain people Is called Electronic Media Following means are being used as a form of electronic media.

The Impact of Electronic Media in our Society

The importance of electronic media lies in its inability to be censored at will. Authoritarian regimes are losing power because of the instantaneous travel of information on Internet media sources. Where ideas in the past would be confined to only certain groups of people, these ideas are now able to be shared immediately.

Electronic media are that utilize electronics or electromechanical energy for the end user (audience) to access the content. This is in contrast to static media (mainly print media), which are most often created electronically, but don’t require electronics to be accessed by the end user in the printed form.

This essay will investigate the influence and impact of current technology of the electronic media and World Wide Web on print media, and how future developments in technology will affect the future direction of the traditional newspaper.

Essay on importance of electronic media
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