Financing decision

Factors Affecting Financing Decisions: Finance manager compares the risk with the cost involved and prefers securities with moderate risk factor. But the key function a financial manger performs in case of profitability is to decide whether to distribute all the profits to the shareholder or retain all the profits or distribute part of the profits to the shareholder and retain the other half in the business.

An opportunity cost of capital needs to be calculating while dissolving such assets. It is a common practice to pay regular dividends in case of profitability Another way is to issue bonus shares to existing shareholders.

Under this scheme a fixed rate of dividend on investment is given and if profit or earnings increase then some extra dividend in the form of bonus or interim dividend is also given. These figure into the cost of capital used Financing decision examine future cash flows. Secondly poor and middle class investors also prefer regular and stable amount of dividend whereas wealthy and rich class prefers capital gains.

Financing decisions

Hence an optimum dividend payout ratio is calculated. The reason is that, the more liquid the asset, the less it is likely to yield and the more profitable an asset, the more illiquid it is.

Following are the two aspects of investment decision Evaluation of new investment in terms of profitability Comparison of cut off rate against new investment and prevailing investment. So these decisions must be taken Financing decision careful planning and evaluation of all the effects of that decision because adverse consequences may be very heavy.

Under dividend decision the finance manager decides how much to be distributed in the form of dividend and how much to keep aside as retained earnings. Unlimited Liability Companies Small-business owners and managers spend a lot of their time making operational decisions -- addressing day-to-day concerns such as pricing, marketing and scheduling.

Mainly sources of finance can be divided into two categories: The raising of more debts will involve fixed interest liability and dependence upon outsiders. Generally new and upcoming companies keep aside more of retain earning and distribute less dividend whereas established companies prefer to give more dividend and keep aside less profit.

State of Capital Market: Capital Budgeting Capital budgeting is the process of deciding which projects a company should invest in to help the business grow. The financing decision involves two sources from where the funds can be raised: Importance or Scope of Capital Budgeting Decision: For big capital investments, though, the company may need more cash than the business generates day to day.

The Level of Control, the shareholders, want in the organization also determines the composition of capital structure. The profit of the firm is distributed among various parties such as creditors, employees, debenture holders, shareholders, etc.

A finance manager has to select such sources of funds which will make optimum capital structure. As these decisions involve huge funds and heavy cost and going back or reversing the decision may result in heavy loss and wastage of funds.

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It may help in increasing the return on equity but will also enhance the risk. If existing shareholders want to retain the complete control of business then they prefer borrowed fund securities to raise further fund.Financing decisions Definition: Decisions concerning the liabilities and stockholders' equity side of the firm's balance sheet, such as a decision to issue bonds.

Under financing decision finance manager fixes a ratio of owner fund and borrowed fund in the capital structure of the company. Factors Affecting Financing Decisions: While taking financing decisions the finance manager keeps in mind the following factors.

Financing Decisions, are the decisions wherein the decisions are made to acquire certain Investment / Equipment / or a property with the help of outside means of finance like loans, issue of shares, bonds, etc.

Even capital issuance is called Financing Decisions. Decisions concerning the liabilities and stockholders' equity side of the firm's balance sheet, such as a decision to issue bonds. Financial Decision Financial decision is yet another important function which a financial manger must perform.

It is important to make wise decisions about when, where and.

Finance Functions

Financing Decisions Financing decisions center on how a company pays for its capital projects. In a stable company, the day-to-day operations of the business should pay for themselves: Revenue from sales should be enough to pay for inventory, rent, utilities, workers' wages and so on.

Financing decision
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