How to write a response to divorce papers

In many states, service can be done by alternate methods. I have already filed my response and request. What if he disappears after filing his response? Do I still need to respond to his, or can my filing be considered the response? If you want to be sure that you are notified about all proceedings in the case you have to file an Answer.

How might I do that as I am representing myself? This is your protected "answer period. Neither party is contesting the divorce but my soon-to-be-ex is stupid and filed the response papers looking like he is contesting the divorce.

It also it states that the Petitioner shall obtain service of the Petition on the Respondent. Once you have been served, and your protected answer period has run out, then the court is free to move forward with or without you. Since he filed the papers, he has to file the papers for the hearing.

You need to find a lawyer in the States who can review the documents for you.

Responding to the Custody / Paternity Papers

If so, what form or letter do I submit to the courts? If that happens, the judge also can make other decisions in the divorce. If you and your spouse have children, you should also file your proposed Parenting Plan.

Answering a Divorce Petition

They will clearly say divorce or separation on them at the top - "action for a divorce" for example. You need to answer within the time frame allotted or you will be in default. You should consult an attorney about filing an answer, but until the cases are combined, they proceed separately and an answer would be required.

I have 2 days to submit a response and I am lost. He needs to make sure the change of venue motion is heard. It is his responsibility to get this straightened out. I have been served with divorce papers. What do I do if I get served with divorce papers? There should be a date you need to respond by.

It is much easier if you get a lawyer immediately and enter some kind of response before the time limit is up. I would file the copy for now so that you have responded. I would recommend that you not sign anything until you can consult with an attorney hired to represent your best interests.

What should I do about the status of the change of venue request? And secondly, if papers are sent to him and are signed and returned, you would assume it was his signature unless you had some reason to believe otherwise.Response To Divorce Filing. When you're served with divorce papers, it is important to submit a response to the divorce filing.

How Do I File a Response to Divorce Papers?

Failing to respond to the initial petition may result in. Step 1. Check the petition papers to see if an answer form is included. Courts typically have preset forms for answers to divorce petitions, and the form might have been mailed with the papers.

Responding to the Custody / Paternity Papers If you have been served with a summons and complaint for custody or paternity, there are things you must do to participate in the case.

If you do nothing, the other parent may be able to get a final order without you. Filing a response after being served with divorce papers is a critical first step in the process, offering you a chance to contest your spouse's requests. A service of Cordell & Cordell, P.C.

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How to File a Written Answer to a Divorce Petition

Filing A Response After Being Served Divorce Papers. Mat Camp. When you receive the divorce papers, your spouse is asking for a divorce. You need to respond to the divorce petition.

You will be called the "Respodent" in the case.

Response To Divorce Filing

The law doesn’t obligate you to do anything in response to your spouse’s divorce papers, but if you don’t, she will probably proceed without you, by default, and the court will give her everything she asked for.

How to write a response to divorce papers
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