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Additionally, those that receive emails from the same people over and over can develop a sense of trust from the sender. These two forms of communication both allow for the instantaneous transmission of information, however, each one is more suitable for certain scenarios.

There is a question of follow-through to ensure that the customer gets maximum satisfaction out of his purchase. The investigation to be conducted in this study will be based on the 7Ps marketing mix, whereby each of the components is assumed to have an effect on customer perceptions.

By being loyal to the customers and offering discounts on a personal level, the company is sure to win the business of the customer for a lifetime.

Proper customer segmentation needs to be done to see who retains what as well as what product need to be sold and when it is crucial. The spread of information through social media does not have to be limited directly from company to consumer; many individuals will post and do some of the advertising for the company.

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Since many companies provide a combination of products and services, the 7Ps marketing mix is the most universal approach to planning for the marketing process. The company needs to establish an emotional bond with its customers by affecting their perception of the company, the company products, and the company brand such that the customer identifies with the company.

Apps provided by some banks also enable customers to download and print copies of statements, and some financial institutions mail hardcopies of banking statements to customers at a fee. The place component of the marketing mix defines the mechanism through which products are moved from the service provider or manufacturer to the customer.

As Figure 1 shows, sincethe global users for social media have exceeded the number of users of pure email. Being contacted by Marketing and customers essay PR representative of a social media website can turn some people off the idea of using that product or service.

Marketing and customers essay sample essay dissects how contemporary businesses market their goods and services, and how many have begun using email and social media campaigns to improve their bottom lines.

What the researchers found suggested that the students respond to information coming from official sources compared to personal sources to be different. Products can be either physical and tangible items, or intangible services, although even companies that specialise in tangible products usually offer accompanying services for their products.

If the company is attempting to reach the maximum number of individuals, then the use of social media makes the most sense. The promotion component of marketing is about marketing communications, whereby companies usually use public relations, sales promotion, direct marketing and advertising to inform customers about the availability of their products Goi, The company is more likely to attract customers by offering discounted items which are automatically selected to appeal to the individual recipient.

In order to achieve widespread adoption, a bank needs to implement an excellent marketing mix for its mobile banking product, whereby the marketing approach taken affects the perceptions and actions of customers. The operating systems and service delivery processes affect how the customers perceive the company and its products, especially based on how the company has standardised its service delivery process.

Although mobile banking services are mostly provided by either a bank or a telecommunications service provider, in some cases people, banks cooperate with telecommunications service providers to offer mobile banking services.

The feelings of receiving an email can make a potential client feel more significant and important because they received an email directly.

Restaurant co-founder and operator Michael Berl uses Facebook and Twitter to get direct feedback from their clients. And with the advancement of technology, a company can now get information out to the public instantaneously.

Valuable resources and time is saved and also frees marketing resources to concentrate on other customer and plan for newer programs. This variable should be relevant to a substantial group of customers, such as parents who have children. On the Internet, time is everything.

The physical evidence category also describes tangible components that facilitate the service delivery process like furniture and equipment, as well as any artefacts whose objective is to remind customers of the service performance of the company.

The logical assumption is that, with reduced prices and minimal differences between products from various providers, customers would buy from the company with the cheapest products. Some of the countries where access to banking services is limited or non-existent include Iran, Somalia, Guatemala, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Nepal among other countries in Africa, Asia and south America where banks have few to no outlets in rural and remote areas.

In the modern-day market, the distribution channels include both brick-and-mortar stores, and any services offered through devices like smartphones and computers using mobile networks and the internet. By answering these questions, a company can effectively choose which form of communication should be used for their publicity campaign.

The objective of the marketing process is to keep the product in the growth and maturity stages for as long as possible by incorporating incremental innovations into the process of improving the product. In order to increase the utility of mobile banking whose functionality is limited to nonmonetary transactions, banks have had to collaborate with third parties to offer other banking services.

Social media sites are extremely popular among the younger demographic. The format for implementation is that customers register their accounts and they can transact through their phones, as well as conduct cash transactions like deposits and withdrawals through bank-appointed mobile banking agents.

Once the customer has been acquired using traditional or non-traditional sources, the challenge is keeping them engaged and making them profitable.

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The advantages of mobile banking have appealed to all banking institutions, such that even those that have been unable to establish their own mobile banking system have collaborated with those that have existing systems.

The purpose of the place component is to describe the accessibility of the product to customers, whereby the best strategy is to ensure that customers can access the product at their convenience.This free Marketing essay on EFFECTS OF MARKETING MIX ON CUSTOMER PERCEPTIONS is perfect for Marketing students to use as an example.

Good customer service is all about bringing customers back. And about sending them away happy – happy enough to pass positive feedback. - Marketing Research Tools Most businesses are customer-driven and use marketing as a way to attract both current and potential customers by customizing their marketing mix.

The marketing mix consists of the four P’s, which are. Mar 09,  · For a topic as wide as marketing, the job gets even easier and with only a little research, one can develop a topic for their essay.

Below are examples of marketing essay topics. Assess some of the vital components for customer satisfaction.

Marketing and Customers Essay.

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Introduction Nowadays in Hospitality Industry creation of loyalty program is the key to retain customers and to demonstrate customers that they can trust in companies’ services and products available to consume and to make customers to want to continue stay with that company continually.

This sample essay about contemporary marketing strategies articulates how technological advancements are changing how current marketing campaigns are waged. Go to. Homepage (current) My Account; Support Desk my “We get feedback from our customers, you know, /5(3).

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