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This can be found in Cachemire and in Kosovo, for example. Hence, individuals who maintain their own subculture generally also share many values and norms of the larger culture Mauritian society retain certain rituals, traditions, norms and values that set them apart.

It opens with a survey of Mauritian politics over the last three decades. Accommodation requires that each side accepts the existence and the different identity of the other and shares the same territory as well as participates in the same social institutions.

Assimilation is the process whereby distinct groups put aside their own culture and adopt that of a particular group. Though these terms are not virtual synonyms, yet all point to the existence of several cultural traditions in a particular society.

She stresses that in order to remain competitive Mauritians must be proactive. The Mauritian society, having no Mauritian society population, was populated by people coming from different countries.

Independent Mauritius Edited by Dr. The interaction among the various ethnic groups exhibits varying degrees of conflict and cohesion. Before proceeding to the characteristics of the Mauritian culture, it Mauritian society important to distinguish between culture and ethnicity.

These distinctions at times act as barriers between group members and the society at large. There is much more a process of cultural diffusion which affects the different ethnic groups at varying degrees.

Nevertheless, each group still holds its own particular identity. Rather, different ethnic groups with particular identities coexist. While a subculture contains culture common to members of the wider society, it has also elements more or less unique to it.

This does not mean that Mauritians are being "Americanised", but in a way, through interaction with the various ethnic groups and the rest of the world, we are developing what can be termed as a Mauritian culture.

However, though on some occasions, there might be a fusion of ethnic identity, ethnic groups are also active in maintaining ethnic boundaries, particularly on the language issue.

Now let us consider the issue of culture in our country. This can be observed in all ethnic groups in our society even today. Hindus, Muslims, Tamils and Telegous.

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Mauritian society is characterised by a number of ethnic groups. The book assesses the development of Mauritian society during the last 30 years Mauritian society the eyes Mauritian society several contributors. Consolidating the Rainbow looks at the achievements of Mauritius since independence inenabling contemporary Mauritian professionals to provide a kaleidoscopic analysis and giving ordinary people a chance to voice their concerns.

It reflects the diversity of this island society through analyses and prognoses of contributors of different linguistic and ethnic backgrounds, some of whom write in French.

The coexistence of several ethnic groups with their distinctive cultural characteristics has been given a variety of labels such as "cultural diversity", "cultural pluralism", "multiculturalism" and "polyethnicity".

Hutus and Tutsis are of the same ethnic group but they are different cultural groups. Proactive perhaps, but we need also to be attentive to and mindful of the environment.

At times, subcultures challenge the accepted norms and values of the larger society and adopt an alternative life style and set of beliefs. Similarly, almost all ethnic groups participate in the pilgrimage to Ste-Croix, which is a Christian festival. However, these concepts rest on the assumption that in a country, at the beginning of its history, there exists a dominant group and as time goes by, other groups come.

However, when they left their homeland and came to Mauritius, they had to adapt to a new environment. Prem Saddul and Jahangeer-Chojoo both discuss the impact of tourism on the island.

However, though conditions did change, it did not mean that each ethnic group changed radically its norms ad values. Consolidating the Rainbow offers great insight into Mauritian society and an opportunity to hear some of its citizens express their opinions on the 30 years since Independence.

The majority of the inhabitants came from different parts of India, mostly as indentured labourers while others were mostly traders.

The essence of accommodation is the tolerance of each other. Ethnic boundaries were still maintained.Pages in category "Mauritian society" The following 2 pages are in this category, out of 2 total.

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UEA Mauritian Society. likes. This page will update you on everything the Mauritian Society will be doing. So like and follow our page! is the official site for news and information on events in Scotland for the Mauritian community. Brought to you by The Benevolent Society of Mauritians in Scotland (BSMS) which is a non-profit organisation promoting Mauritian.

Welcome to the official website of the Warwick Mauritian Society. We are an entirely student-run society which aims to provide the strong Mauritian community at the University of Warwick with a true national representative on campus as well as catering for non-Mauritian members who are interested in learning more about the Mauritian.

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Mauritian society
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