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Anne needs to come up with a formal performance schedule which will help to stabilize the organization because it will allow the different members of the management team to plan ahead.

With a synergistic approach from the very beginning, the executive team will be able to ensure that all sides are Organizational management essay and that differing perspective and opinions are heard. I believe that the critical success factor for this goal is key, as well as the reviews notating quality performances.

Having someone as Organizational management essay as Leslie comment on her concerns, it could persuade others that the merger is not a good idea.

Organizational Management Essay Sample

The company should come up with an outreach plan that Organizational management essay out to the Salt Lake City community and surveys them to see what types of performances they would want to see.

The Symphony playing over concerts during the season is partly to thank for their endowment being more than the average for their group. I believe this is a needed goal for the organization, since they are already experiencing a decline in ticket sales. Hiring top quality talent Measure: Customer Satisfaction Anne Ewers and the rest of the staff of the new organization will never be able to make everyone happy, but one way to ensure that the majority of the customers are happy is to reach out to them.

Having a successful marketing campaign that advertises different symphonies to younger audience Measure: Excelling in quality performances Measure: This is of serious concern to the organization, as this allows them to cover expenses that are not able to be made up from the selling of tickets to performances and fundraisers.

Total overall expenses sees a reduction; the organization is financially stable Customer Strategic Goal: While most would consider Anne a great strength for the organization, there are some who see her as a weakness.

Along with the reviewing the rental program, Anne needs to get a breakdown of all expenses being incurred. While the Opera has a lot of positive financial strengths, it also has some weaknesses including a decline in performance revenues, and rising expenses.

She should also have weekly meetings with everyone involved to come up with new ideas, as well as a check in to see what they have accomplished over the past week. If the Opera is renting out these items, it should be a majority revenue stream with very little expenses. The measure for this goal is great because the only way they will truly know how well they are doing and if they are meeting their goal is to solicit feedback from the paying public.

Keith Lockhart was hired as the music director in and has led the Symphony since then. This also signifies that the business model is working since the Opera is able to pay all its debts and still have cash left over. The CBA that is in place is a big reason why the Symphony is experiencing financial problems.

Standardizing processes is extremely important for the joining of the two organizations, as well as creating a sense of fairness and balance across both sides.

The Opera is already financially stable for the most part with a nice reserve fund. If the organization does not wish to alienate its current audience, it needs to be careful with not completely changing around the performance schedules.

She should schedule several face to face meetings with him to communicate all the plans and be as transparent as possible. Stronger position in future negotiations and the knowledge of the combined organization is more diverse C.

Anne needs create a lot of publicity to get the public excited about the Opera and get them to come to performances, which would hopefully lead to increase in revenues from ticket sales.

This particular program is actually costing the organization money, when it should be a constant revenue stream. Combining resources will also allow for a reduction in expenses which plays into all the goals and helps the new organization to be on better financial footing.

Scott Parker has experience with healthcare mergers, but no experience when it comes to the arts industry. This will be no different for the new organization.

Being financially stable with an increasing reserve fund Critical Success Factor: There is no need to have to directors of a single area. Customer Strengths Diversifying audience Stabilizing ticket sales If the merged company wants to achieve its vision and goal of becoming a world renowned cultural center, diversifying the audience is a big step towards that.

With government grants also decreasing, the symphony needs to figure out a way to turn their finances around. This money can be invested back into the organization or used to help offset an increase in salaries and benefits for its full time employees. Decreases in government grants, endowments and income available for investing have put an increase in pressure on organizations to rely more heavily on fundraising.

Having flexibility in decreasing expenses due to fundraising gaps Critical Success Factor: It is entirely possible that some customers may never be truly onboard with the merger, and as a result that could lead to a decline in ticket sales.

It was noted in the case study that the Utah Symphony already performs a year round schedule, given that, it is definitely hard to figure out when the opera is going to be able to perform, as well as adding other types of programs.

Measuring profitability and having reviews notating quality of performances Analysis: In this case, the smartest move would be to have an outside firm come up with a campaign and then they can look into possibly hiring a small staff in the future. It will be extremely important for Anne Ewers and other executive level staff members to be transparent with the staff about the reasons why cuts have to be made, as well as sharing the vision for the new organization.Management Organization Essay.

Management Organization History of the company Ryanair, now firmly established like the largest budget airline of Europe, began to operate in the year with the launch of a daily flight among the airport of Waterford in the southeast of Ireland and the airport of Gatwick in London.

Essay on Organizational Management Words 8 Pages Normally Organizational change is about the important major changes in an organization such as adding or inclusion of a major new product or services in production as well into the market.

Organizational Management Essay Sample A.1 Financial & Leadership Strengths & Weaknesses for Utah Symphony One of the biggest weaknesses with the Symphony is their financial health. The Symphony has not been successful in previous years with their fundraising attempts, which means they are not bringing in as much cash.

Organizational Management essaysOrganizational Design refers to the structure and culture of an organization, aspects that are key to determining organizational behavior.

For example, is the organizational structure formal or informal, centralized or decentralized. Management and Organizational Behavior Essay.

Components of Organizational Behavior Penny Abate MGT 06/22/ Kathy Maas Components of Organizational Behavior Understanding the motivation for behavior of individual employees, groups, teams or departments is a critical tool for managers. Essay about Organizational Leadership versus Management Words | 3 Pages When in a leadership role I don’t like to consider myself as a boss, but a mentor.

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