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Of course, this is a controversial appeal, and readers will find his wide-ranging discussion, though sprinkled with keen insights, either frustrating or exhilarating—or perhaps both. He also offer his thoughts as a pastor on how Christians might remain rooted firmly in their spiritual traditions while exploiting the possibilities offered by new communications technologies.

Three that explicitly name the challenge in their titles are Dancing in the Dark: His book bemoans the negative ways in which religious belief and practice—theological method, doctrine, belief, community—have been transformed by our ravenous consumer culture and proposes strategies for resisting that transformation.

Concentrating on the dramatic changes in transportation, communication, and entertainment sinceBetts offers not merely a chronicle but an interpretation of the cultural ascendancy of the popular.

Religion and Popular Culture Unit

Bowling Green State University Popular Press,with more than 1, articles on a wide array of personalities and topics, complements the St.

We encourage a multidisciplinary display of scholarship in our sessions and are committed to taking popular culture seriously as an arena of religious and theological reflection and practice.

Richard Santana and Gregory Erickson likewise explore the impact of popular culture on popular Christianity in Religion and Popular Culture: This Unit invites both organized sessions and individual paper proposals that explore the intersections of religion and popular culture.

Faith and Popular Culture: A Bibliographic Essay

How did the War change religion and popular culture? With the near-universal Christian acceptance of radio and television—and now the Internet and much popular entertainment—images, sounds, and ideas of questionable and tested provenance alike have unparalleled access to Christian hearts and minds.

InterVarsity, provides a Christian perspective on the history of popular culture and its relation to American Christianity. Many of the resources referred to here assume a Christian perspective, but also included are works and critical appraisals not written from an explicitly Christian point of view but whose insights are instructive nevertheless.

The book received mostly glowing reviews but was brilliantly critiqued by John Howard Yoder in an essay originally written in but only recently published. We strongly encourage presentation formats that foster interactive environments and provide creative alternatives to the conventional reading of papers.

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Though intended for college and university classes, the book could be useful in non-academic settings like youth meetings and adult Sunday school as well. Blackwell, And assuming that conflicting interpretations will arise, Christian readers will not be spared the critical task themselves of discerning the relative merits of rival explanations of the same phenomena.

James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture Detroit: Hibbs has followed up this argument with a book on redemption in the American noir film genre—Arts of Darkness: This Unit is dedicated to the scholarly exploration of religious expression in a variety of cultural settings. Warnings against popular amusements or habits have been around since the Bible.

The new Prophetically Incorrect: Routledge,only begins its history from the end of World War II. James Press, —containing more than 2, entries by scholars in the field—makes a valiant effort and should remain a reliable guide to late twentieth-century North American pop culture.

Westminster John Knox, Society of Biblical Literature,briefly survey hundreds of examples of art, film, literature, music, and other media and suggest how they might be used to engage students in the study of the Bible.

It is not difficult to understand why. Rescripting the Sacred Jefferson, N. But interested readers should note that such works are many and for the most part easy to find. I am prepared to argue that detailed and extended discussion and argument still requires a book, or a longer essay at least.

Blackwell,29— For questions or support, email support aarweb. University of California Press, [rev. Faith and Popular Culture: And Puritans were less than restrained in expressing their antipathy toward the popular pastimes of their day.Faith and Popular Culture: A Bibliographic Essay.

Vic Froese. Interest in popular culture 1 has increased significantly among ministry workers and Christian academics in the last thirty-five years. It is not difficult to understand why. - The way people ultimately view homosexuality, whether in religion, politics or modern popular culture, is all determined by traditional or changing points of view.

This essay will discuss mainly liberal and conservative Christian interpretations of the Bible, including many verses that may support or condemn homosexuality. Popular religion and popular culture in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries can also be understood by the way in which individuals and groups belonging to the mainstream religion engage their faith.

Essays on Popular religion and popular culture religion The Popular religion and popular culture religion is one of the most popular assignments among students' documents. If you are stuck with writing or missing ideas, scroll down. Religion and Popular Culture Unit Statement of Purpose: This Unit is dedicated to the scholarly exploration of religious expression in a variety of cultural settings.

An example of how religion was presented as popular culture that helped spark popular culture as a religion in its own right comes from the work of Francis Willard, who mounted religious conventions that rivaled forms of popular entertainment.

Popular religion and popular culture religion essay
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