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Ten reasons why summer is good for you

We should take lots of precautions to be healthy and fit all through the season. True to their admonition, summer season in the last couple of years has reached record heat levels, unprepared for this it resulted in many deaths and emergencies, most people ordered air conditioners or went out to cool in pools and public fountains.

Summer brings back lots of outdoor social activities impossible in the freezing cold winter. During peak summer season, small streams, wells, and ponds get dry up. We should drink lots of water to avoid dehydration and heat stroke.

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We should enjoy within limit and always save water and electricity. One theory for this is that the amount of daylight may influence either insulin action or the cocktail of hormones that regulate insulin production. The warm weather is also good news for those suffering from arthritis. Many summer deaths people or animals are caused by dehydration due to heat waves.

However, people involved in vigorous exercises must take more water than normal. They also boost the immune system and, because of their low calorie content, help with weight loss.

We should wear comfortable cotton clothes. When it becomes summer in Northern Hemisphere, it becomes winter in Southern Hemisphere. However, if the weather turns muggy, watch out because the symptoms may return. This has an important effect on their insulin levels. Summer Season Essay 5 words Mainly, there are four seasons in India; summer season is one of them.

It is quite longest season than other seasons of the year. Several studies have also shown that ovarian, breast and colon cancers are slowed by exposure to sunlight. Children become happier in summer as they get long vacation from school. During this season, days get longer and hotter whereas nights shorter.

The types of foods, the total calories consumed and the timing of the meals all vary with the seasons. It is better to walk around in daylight rather than sitting directly exposed to the sun for any length of time because sunburn remains a key factor in causing skin cancer.

All the water evaporated during summer season, stores in the form of vapor in the atmosphere which makes clouds and fall as rain in the rainy season.

We should not go outside during day time especially 10am to 5pm to avoid harmful ultraviolet rays. In a study of almost 11, people who had heart attacks in the UK over a period of nine years, survival rate increased by 19 per cent if the attack occurred in the summer.

Most people visit picnics, beaches and parks to relax and unwind themselves under clear skies. We can do it by joining our hands together. Some fruits such as mangos and pineapples, become ripe during summer, so this season present the opportunity for people to enjoy them.

Many people feel more agile and in less pain during the summer. Reduces DVT risk The warmer days of summer are good news for those at risk of thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. In spite of being a hottest season of the year, kids like it most as they get summer vacation to enjoy in many ways.

Generally, people try to keep indoors and have cold beverages to supplement on liquid being lost from their system through constant perspiration. It falls after the festival of Holi and ends before the start of rainy season.Why Summer is my Favorite Season Essay.

B. Pages:4 Words This is just a sample. To get a unique essay. There is so many reasons why summer is my favorite season of the year but mostly because of the warm weather, spending more time with family, and of course our annual beach trip.

Short Essay on Summer Season (557 Words)

The Best Season of All ; Summer Time ; My Favorite. Summer has always been and always will be the best season of the year. I no calling you stupid may be harsh but if you understand that summer is the best season than you obviously need some persuading.

Mar 18,  · Can anyone help me write a thesis statement on the topic summer? I need to write an essay on the three things i like about summer, and why it's my favorite season. could anyone help me write a short thesis statement about summer?Status: Resolved.

Feel free to disagree, but I will never change my opinion that summer is the best season. While it may have originally been due to the fact that my birthday is during the traditional “summer break”, I can still use all of these reasons to support my favorite time of year!

Essay about The Last Season of the Last Year - The Last Season of the Last Year My final year was one of the best experiences of my life, full of surprises one of which was me going out for a totally different sport that totally changed my view against obstacles that I face.

Summer Season Essay 3 ( words) Summer season is the hottest season of the year which makes outing almost impossible all through the day. People generally go outside to.

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Summer is the best season of the year essay help
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